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Building Culturally Agile Schools with Michael Bartlett and Shelley Reinhart

Unlocking Cultural Agility with Marco Blankenburgh presents: Building Culturally Agile Schools with Michael Bartlett and Shelley Reinhart

Join Michael and Shelley as they explore the ways teachers, parents, and school administrators can transform their schools and classrooms into culturally inclusive spaces. Michael Bartlett is the Head of School Partnerships at Suraasa. He has founded schools, served as an executive school principal, and consulted for international schools around the UAE.

Shelley Reinhart is the Director of KnowledgeWorkx Education. She has twenty years of teaching experience and loves weaving cultural agility and educational instruction together, equipping teachers to connect with their students.

Learn more about how you transform educational spaces with Cultural Agility at:

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to use Cultural Agility to better understand students, parents, and colleagues

  • How to create inclusive classrooms by understanding how worldviews shape your students

  • Why Cultural Agility helps schools not only retain teachers but also attract students

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