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Cultural Onboarding Course for Teachers


Do your teachers utilize the potential of cultural differences
in their classrooms?

Or are cultural differences just a tolerated source
of frustration

and misunderstanding?

Flow of the Course

Cultural Training for Teachers Course Overview

Level 1

Level 2

  • Perceptions and Patterns

  • What is Culture?

  • Understanding Worldviews


  • Dimensions of Culture

  • Personal Culture Identity

  • Culture Shock

E-learning and Virtual Group Discussions


Arrival in - Country

Level 3

  • Lesson Planning

  • Group Work

  • Student Accountability

  • Motivation and Reward

  • Parent and faculty Interactions

Sep - March

E-learning and Coaching

Our Cultural Tools 

Our Goal: Develop Cultural Agility in Educators 

Our Journey Develops

Cultural Agility in Educators

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