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Cultural Complexities in the Classroom

We offer workshops for teachers on engaging students from a different cultural perspectives.

We teach a simple framework to simplify culture and behavioral styles. You will learn what motivates culture at its deepest level, and what motivates your students as a result.

  • Cultural Self-Awareness

  • Simple Cultural Framework

  • Intercultural Relational Dynamics

  • Effective Classroom Strategies

Course Overview

When cultural differences exist between

teacher and students in the classroom,

the level of teaching complexity increases.

Understanding Culture

Typical ways to understand culture are not all that useful. How can we understand culture in a way that practically impacts the strength of our inter-cultural relationships?

Culture shock is real!  Cultural complexities in the classroom can create all three triggers for an international teacher.

How Culture Affects a Classroom

"I want you to state your opinion to the entire class."

Why can't this student just participate?

"I don't know."

I don't' want to share my ideas in front of everyone.  What if they don't agree or

I shame myself?

"Great question. 

Class, who can answer Ahmed's question?"

Why won't the students stop talking to each other and give me respect?


Except for students talking to other students

Clearly this teacher has no idea what she's doing. She isn't an expert on anything. She just continually asks us

what WE think.

Understand Practical Ways Culture Impacts Your Classroom

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