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About Us

International Director of KnowledgeWorkx

Marco is an expert in navigating the complexities of our global and intercultural world. He has lived in 6 countries, worked in over 60 countries and speaks 5 languages. He has developed interculturally intelligent consulting, learning and coaching methodologies, and is the author of “Inter-Cultural Intelligence: From Surviving to Thriving in the Global Space”. Marco holds a degree in Economics and Strategic Marketing Management.

Christopher O’Shaughnessy
International Speaker & TCK Expert

Christopher O’Shaughnessy is a passionate and versatile speaker, comedian, and author who uses a unique blend of story-telling, humor, and provocative insight to engage a wide array of people on topics ranging from Third Culture Kids and the effects of globalization to building community and increasing empathy. A variety of audiences respond to Chris’ engaging presentations ranging from pre-teens to adults across the globe.

Shelley Reinhart
Director of Education Services

Shelley Reinhart is a skilled and experienced educator who has successfully incorporated ICI, MBTI, and MMTIC principles into the classroom and faculty of secondary schools. Her work has been published in Teach Middle East,effectively demonstrating improvement in student achievement through individualized study plans based on self-awareness and understanding. She is currently the Education Development Director at KnowledgeWorkxED.

Steve Bushill
Educational Consultant

Steve is a passionate and energetic educational manager. With an MA TEFL, he has over 30 years’ experience in the field, building courses and teaching in both corporate and educational contexts across Asia, The Middle East, and the UK. He became a Certified ICI Practitioner at KnowledgeWorkx in 2013 and has enjoyed managing and teaching courses in ICI since then.

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