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ICI Resource Library

This space is an ultimate resource library for the Intercultural resources available.The ICI portal has


Intercultural Tools, ICI Bookshelf, Intercultural Videos and Articles.

Click here to go through the portal of Intercultural resources.


Intercultural Tools

This space has all the tools available in market for quick access.There are around 48 Tools including KNowledgeworkx tools 12Dimensions and and Three colors of worldview.

Click here to Go through the tools.

Education Books Bookshelfs

ICI Book Shelf

This space is created for all those who are interested in books.We have a range of categories based on which the books are arranged.

Click here to go through the collection or even purchase them!

Video Blogging

Intercultural Videos

This space has short clips demonstrating the intercultural situations with the description of ICI concepts that apply to them.

Chick here to go through a wide range of videos with ICI concepts in them!

Pile of Newspapers


We like to be thoughtful leaders in the Intercultural space and one way we do it is through Articles.

We have articles in different topics.

Click here to read them!

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