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Workshops for TCKs and Parents

Know Yourself:

Your Behavioral Preferences,

Study Needs and Career Options

Join for Workshops by Christopher O’Shaughnessy


Know Yourself: Your Behavioral Preferences, Study Needs and Career Options

You have a lot to manage in a school setting everyday. The simple knowledge of your specific temperament preferences can guide you, offering you invaluable and objective clarity during these tumultuous and stressful years.

Book a session with Mrs. Reinhart to learn all about your personality preferences, ideas for how to study better, and what university majors might be a good fit for you.

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Christopher O’Shaughnessy Workshops for TCKs


Christopher O’Shaughnessy is a passionate and versatile speaker, comedian, and author who uses a unique blend of story-telling, humor, and provocative insight to engage a wide array of people on topics ranging from Third Culture Kids and the effects of globalization to building community and increasing empathy.

A variety of audiences respond to Chris’ engaging presentations ranging from pre-teens to adults across the globe – crowds large and small are drawn to Chris’ disarming humor and challenging insight. His ability to customize presentations to each group’s unique needs and culture has meant that international schools, colleges & universities, government agencies, charities, businesses, and organizations large and small have booked Chris to motivate, inspire, and broaden their understanding.

Want to know more about  Christopher O’Shaughnessy?

Read the article on "From the Innate to the Intellectual: An Inter-Cultural Intelligence Practitioner’s Story"  published under KnowledgeWorkx website

Workshops for TCKs

Christopher O’Shaughnessy has come up with workshops for TCKs 

  • Third Culture Kids and Relationships

  • Third Culture Kid Identity

  • Transition and Change Management

  • Conflict Resolution for Third Culture Kids

  • Anti-Bullying, Empathy, and Character Development

  • Lessons from Third Culture Kids for an Ever-Globalizing World

Select the workshops and design your journey. Contact Us to discuss and we will guide you to decide what is best for you.


 Workshops for TCKs

Third Culture Kids and Relationships


• Identify challenges to building and maintaining relationship in a multi-cultural and transit context.
• Learn to manage social media in healthy and beneficial ways, avoiding common problems.
• Identify and manage stress caused by transition and upheaval in relational terms for Third Culture Kids.
• Understand the impact of unresolved grief and learn practical ways to express and move on from grief.
• Understand how unresolved grief and difficulty in building or maintaining healthy relationships negatively impact other areas of life for TCKs.

Anti-Bullying, Empathy, and Character Development


• Learn about empathetic decline and the reasons for it.
• Explore the connection between the Third Culture Kid experience, adaptability, and empathy.
• Acquire knowledge about how to teach, demonstrate, and encourage empathy
in a variety of contexts and relationships.
• Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy empathetic traits.
• Appreciate the importance of and benefits of empathy in a wider global context.

Transition and Change Management


• Understand the importance of “story” in shaping our perspective and attitude about change.
• Learn healthy coping mechanisms for the stress caused individually and to a family amidst transition.
• Become familiar with tactics to appreciate the impact of grief and loss inherent in transition and express and move on from grief in healthy ways.
• Appreciate the different perspectives on change people have and learn how to work with differing perspectives.
• Build flexibility as a strength and balance it with stability to better facilitate transitions.

Lessons from Third Culture Kids for an Ever-Globalizing World


• Explore language and framework to understand the Third Culture experience.
• Identify connections between the TCK experience and social, economic, and
political trends on a global scale.
• Take advantage of the Third Culture worldview, applying it to community
building, business, and character development.
• Discover trends that have been observed in TCKs for a significant period of time that are now becoming prevalent in mainstream culture.
• Understand the context of tolerance in a continually more multi-cultural society and how to move forward constructively

Conflict Resolution for Third Culture Kids


• Understand why conflict resolution can be an especially difficult skill for Third Culture Kids to hone.
• Learn practical ways to teach, demonstrate, and reinforce conflict resolution skills.
• Become familiar with different frameworks employed in effective and healthy conflict resolution.
• Employ empathetic and listening skills to enhance conflict resolution skills.
• Explore the relevance between TCKs need to learn conflict resolution skills in an increasingly connected and globalizing world.

Third Culture Kid Identity


• Acquire the language and framework to understand and explain the Third
Culture Experience.
• Become familiar with the challenges commonly faced as a result of the Third
Culture Experience.
• Become familiar with the strengths commonly associated with the Third Culture
• Learn how to navigate issues like nationality, family, and transition to adulthood.
• Understand the important role TCKs have to play and benefits they bring to an
ever-globalizing world.

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