Third Culture Kids experience misunderstanding

at school and at home that inhibits their success.

They misunderstand you.

You misunderstand them.

Let's change that.

What are Third Culture Kids?

Third Culture Kids are raised in a country or culture 

different from that of their parents or grandparents.

This impacts their cultural identity.

Understanding themselves,

how to engage across cultures,

and how to create culture

is crucial for their success.


We Equip

Globalization is affecting our children in significant ways that we as parents and educators often overlook. Whether it's refugees or immigrants or international companies or international schools, diverse cultures are engaging at an increasing rate. This increase in global complexity demands new ways of thinking.


We provide tools to grow with global complexity, to strengthen identity and community, to reduce the fear, polarity, and the disconnect between generations and cultures.


Let's raise up Third Culture Kids that turn challenges into opportunities.

Our vision is to support the family, educators, and students through social, emotional, and cultural equipping necessary to build the next generation of global citizens and leaders. Our mission is to empower students to thrive during their youth, preparing them for relational success in a global world.


Meet The Team

Our team is passionate about mutual understanding that leads to relational success,

especially across cultures. The experience of living in four continents and years of

working in education give us the perspective to equip you with the tools your

community needs to  achieve more together

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