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We equip teachers, school admin, TCKs and parents with tools for creating culturally inclusive environments.

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Through our three-level course, teachers will develop competencies in creating a classroom culture that resonates with all students, regardless of ethnicity and nationality.

  • Receive a detailed Self-Cultural Analysis Report

  • Establish cultural self-awareness and its impact on your teaching style

  • Learn simple cultural frameworks and apply them to your classroom

  • Analyze relational dynamics with students, parents, and colleagues

  • Develop classroom management strategies and techniques to ensure student engagement

  • Build Trust, Communication, and Common Purpose with students while honoring classroom diversity


Our Mission

We are a small team of experienced educators who are also Inter-Cultural Intelligence Practitioners. Our passion is to train educators and parents to create home, school and classroom cultures that are inclusive and welcoming to all. 

"ICI provides the framework to help all stakeholders in a school understand each other on a cultural level. I now lead all my interactions with a cultural awareness of the three worldviews – Innocence/Guilt, Power/Fear and Honor/Shame."

Michael, School Leader, DUBAI

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Meet the Team

Our Team

Our team is passionate about mutual understanding that leads to relational success,
especially across cultures. The experience of living in four continents and years of
working in education give us the perspective to equip you with the tools your
community needs to achieve more together. 

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Marco Blankenburgh

Shelley Reinhart

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Christopher O’Shaughnessy

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Steve Bushill

International Director of 

Director of Education Services

International Speaker & TCK Expert

Educational Consultant

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We'd Love to Hear from You

Whether you are curious about the courses we offer, or about the methodologies we implement to train educators and parents - we are here to answer any and all questions.

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