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ICI for Universities

Let’s Educate the World Changers and Global Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

A model for integrating ICI into learning journeys

Possible activities to bring
ICI to Colleges & Universities

1.Engage Leadership team at the top as well as the on the board level

2.Create a collaborative team of champions to be trained

3.Create a department or committee for ICI to begin to strategize

4.Create trainings for key groups:

    a. International Students

    b. Students travelling abroad

    c. Student Council

    d. Missions trips (for seminaries)

5.Run a ICI Level 1 course for larger groups (Staff, Faculty and students)

6.Run a series of workshops for leadership teams (heads of various departments) to bring more awareness and involve more instructors and subject areas

7.ICI Committee begins to weave ICI as units into different courses

8.Counseling department and advisors begin to see the usefulness of ICI in supporting students and solving challenges on campus

9.University opens ICI to the greater community

10.Students get involved in ICI at community level or in K-12 schools and with refugees

11.Leadership examines vision and mission for alignment with ICI and to globalize brand

12.Academic institution starts to collaborate with future employers on internships and real life solutions for real problems and challenges

13.Encourage research and PhD study to continue to build out local ICI knowledge and expertize

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