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As a parent, do you ever struggle to understand your "Third Culture Kid?"

We live in Dubai - a place of many cultures and ethnicities.

Help your child thrive at school and at home by understanding how this clash of cultures affects them individually.

Give them tools to navigate whatever cultural perspective confronts them and tools for relational success.

We Offer Workshops

Raising a Third Culture Kid

Successful Transitioning for Families:

How to Avoid Culture Shock

Understand Students' Behavioral Preferences,

Study Needs & Career Options

Parent Saturday Workshops

Raising a Third Culture Kid


It is crucial to understand the pressures and challenges your child faces on a daily basis.


We offer workshops that give insights into parenting Third Culture Kids.  We give you a simple framework to understand the cultural clashes your child faces everyday. And we provide practical tools to help you engage and communicate with your child.

Culture Shock for Familes

Successful Transitioning for Families -Avoid Culture Shock


Is your family experiencing confusion and stress during this transition to Dubai?


When relocating for a job, companies help you move house and home, but who helps move your mind?

The process is not as simple as changing your P.O Box. Your family also needs mental conditioning for the new environment.

Change can be stressful, so it should be managed.

The Solution:

At KnowledgeWorkx, we have curated a multi-stage approach to support your family during a job transition.

We aim to educate parents and children to become interculturally intelligent so they comfortably adjust and thrive in their new context.

How we do this:

  • We concentrate on the individual family members, your immediate support network, dependents and colleagues.

  • Our step-by-step approach deals with the current concerns and competencies at the appropriate time.

  • Critical intercultural milestones are addressed.

  • Our tailored program provides logical frameworks, techniques and tools to succeed both professionally and personally in a new environment.


Understand Students Behavioral Preferences, Study Needs and Career Options

student shaming.jpg

Children and teenagers have much to manage in a school setting everyday. The simple knowledge of their specific temperament preferences can guide students, offering them invaluable and objective clarity during these tumultuous and stressful years.

Shelley Reinhart is a MBTI Practitioner, experienced in helping students understand their behavioral preferences.  She helps students develop study plans for their specific needs.  She also assists in selecting a university major of study.

Sessions start with student assessments and individual student coaching, then culminate in a session with parents and the student.

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