Do you ever feel the clash between home and school?


Ever feel the tension between expectation and reality?


Do you struggle to identify fully with any one particular culture?


We Offer Workshops

Understand Yourself as a Third Culture Kid

Know Yourself:

Your Behavioral Preferences,

Study Needs and Career Options

Global Leadership Track for Students

Understand Yourself as a Third Culture Kid

You are surrounded by cultural influences that are different than the ones your parents faced.

And that offers unique challenges.  


It is crucial for you to understand yourself and your cultural uniqueness.

We offer Saturday workshops that give you insight into who you are.  We give you a simple framework to understand the cultural clashes you face everyday. And we provide practical tools to engage and communicate with your parents, teachers and friends.

Know Yourself: Your Behavioral Preferences, Study Needs and Career Options


You have a lot to manage in a school setting everyday. The simple knowledge of your specific temperament preferences can guide you, offering you invaluable and objective clarity during these tumultuous and stressful years.

Book a session with Mrs. Reinhart to learn all about your personality preferences, ideas for how to study better, and what university majors might be a good fit for you.


Global Leadership Track for Students

There is a war for talent - a quest for skilled labor around the world. And this global talent search will only increase. As a result, more people will be hired to work internationally.


Students who understand themselves individually and culturally will set themselves apart.

Our Global Leadership Track for Students helps prepare students for global competitiveness.

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