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the Unique

Cultural Wiring

of Your Students 

Understand Clashes between Teachers on Your Team 

Successful Transitions:

Help Teachers Avoid Culture Shock

Global Leadership Track for Students


Understand the Unique Cultural Wiring of Your Students

We offer workshops for teachers on engaging students from a different cultural perspectives.

We teach a simple framework to simplify culture and behavioral styles.  You will learn what motivates culture at its deepest level, and what motivates your students as a result.

We give you tools to create a classroom culture where students feel honored, empowered and respected.


Understand Clashes between Teachers on Your Team

Professional Development for Your Staff:

Understanding yourself and others on your team is crucial for creating a harmonious work environment. Everything DiSC Workplace assesses the participants' behavioral styles, helping participants understand and appreciate the styles of people they work with. The result is more effective and productive working relationships.


What will you gain?

  • Discover your own DiSC style: Recognize the priorities, personal strengths, and challenges that shape your interactions with others.

  • Explore other styles: Understand the differences and similarities among DiSC behavioral styles, learn to recognize the behaviors unique to each style and identify new ways to find common ground with all types of relationships.

Successful Transitions - Avoid Culture Shock


Experiencing confusion and frustration during your transition to Dubai? 

When relocating for a job, companies and schools help you move house and home, but who helps move your mind?

The process is not as simple as changing your P.O. Box.  You also need mental conditioning for your new cultural environment. Change can be stressful, so it should be managed.

The Solution:

At KnowledgeWorkx, we have curated a multi-stage approach to support educators during a job transition.

We aim to educate teachers to become interculturally intelligent so they comfortably adjust and thrive in their new context.

How we do this:

  • We concentrate on the individual, their immediate support network, dependents and colleagues.

  • Our step-by-step approach deals with the current concerns and competencies at the appropriate time.

  • Critical intercultural milestones are addressed.

  • Our tailored program provides logical frameworks, techniques and tools to succeed both professionally and personally in a new environment.


Global Leadership Track for Students

There is a war for talent - a quest for skilled labor around the world. And this global talent search will only increase. As a result, more people will be hired to work internationally.


Students who understand themselves individually and culturally will set themselves apart.

Our Global Leadership Track for Students helps prepare students for global competitiveness.

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